Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Name of the Game... procrastination.

As I sit here with my morning cup of good ole coffee and French radio playing in the background, I am finding a number of things to distract myself. It's not that I've been unproductive this morning. I have already uploaded three assignments that are due this coming week and I've read a few chapters of a book for fun. Productive morning, by most standards.

However, by my perfectionist must-have-everything-done-early standards, I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Yes, I have checked two items off my To Do List. Yes, I make a To Do list on the weekends. Deal. But I haven't checked off the biggest item on my list. My research paper. DUN DUN DUN. And instead of researching (aka Googling different names), I am sitting here, numbing my brain with pictures of Kim and Kanye at Bonaroo, checking out what the celebs are wearing these days, and watching a video of a cat.

These things are obviously more important than my paper.

If only I could write a paper on the Dilemma of People.Com and the detrimental effects of  "Get the Look for Less," I would be golden. The paper would be done in a minute and I would probably definitely get an A. I would have a gorgeous closet full of clothes and my GPA would remain a 4.0 and I would be able to spend today lounging by the pool while a butler brings me cold beverages and hummus and vegetables.

Sigh. But then the question comes to mind - do I really want that to be my life?

The answer is simple - no. While I may be updating my blog because it's the right thing to do I'm procrastinating, I am beyond happy with my life. I have the greatest family in the world, the bestest friends a girl could ask for, a job I love, new and exciting things in store, and a God who loves me for me. So yes, I am procrastinating right now. But that's okay. The perfectionist in me will survive (mostly because I am supplying her with an endless supply of coffee). I will get this paper done before it's due.

Here I go, blogging world. Armed with my French radio and coffee in my Abe Lincoln mug, I am going to conquer this paper.

Wish me luck.