Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My not-quite-so-Little Happies

The past few weeks have been a blur. Work, school, church, repeat. It's been absolutely crazy! But I am loving every single minute of it. We are now in the season of Easter in the Church and I love this time. It's so nice to be able to sing Alleluia again! He is Risen! Funny thing, that leads right into my first Happy!

That handsome fella you see is my daddy. He is just the most precious! He recently was installed as an acolyte, which means he is one step closer to becoming a Deacon! I am so proud of him and watching him help carry the cross in during the Good Friday service for veneration made my heart smile (and my eyes tear up a little bit). I love him and am so grateful to have a father like him. Love you, Daddy!

I spent this past weekend hanging out with a few hundred Catholic youth, some amazing youth ministers, some AWESOME Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and Sisters of Life, and this guy, Pope Francis. Okay, so the Pope wasn't really at Friar Fest. But, we can all pretend, right? And I'm pretty sure he would totally give a high-five!

And Pope Francis would take a selfie. I firmly believe this! That beautiful lady next to me is my friend, Monica! I am so glad that we got to spend part of the weekend together and catch up! School has been kicking my tush and I haven't seen her in months. So blessed by her friendship (and her taking goofy photos with me)!

Speaking of friends, I made a new friend this past weekend! Bloggers, meet Dorissa. She's a youth minister whom I had heard about (all good things, promise) but we had never met. She's hilarious. And has this love for Christ that shows in everything she does and gives her this zeal for life. I am so glad that I gained a new friend this weekend!

And then there are these two. I didn't warn them that I was taking pictures to include in this week's update. But come on! Check out those moves! If the dancing was this intense at Friar Fest, I can't wait to see what you wedding will be like. Yes, those two dancing fools are getting married! (ooooOOOOOO)

Most importantly, I spent my weekend in the presence of Jesus. The Friars had the Blessed Sacrament exposed all weekend so that we kept our minds focused on the purpose of the retreat - coming to a deeper relationship with Christ. I know the retreat was for the teens, but I know that I came away with a new love for Christ. I got to hang out with Jesus all weekend!

And there are you have it. My not-so-Little Happies. Why are they "not-so-Little," you may ask. Well, because I spent my weekend hanging out with Jesus AND I made new friends AND I got to catch up with other friends AND I got to dance around like a fool AND I got to take silly selfies with the Pope. Oh, and my daddy is becoming a Deacon (which is HUGE). Blessed doesn't even come to close to describing how I feel. 

Thank you, Lord, for placing these people in my life and for giving us your Son. And thank you for letting me spend the weekend in prayer with Him. To say I needed that was an understatement. I feel refreshed and ready to take on these last few weeks of the semester.

I hope y'all enjoyed this not-so-little update. The end of the semester is in sight! I can almost taste the freedom (that will last until summer session starts). But regardless, it is almost the season of sunshine, cook-outs, snow cones, and pools! Let's do this.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

I did homework, gave up meat, and met a band (these things are not related)

Wow! Life has been busy! School for the semester is starting to wind down, so I am swamped with projects and assignments. But I've found some time for some fun with friends. The pictures below show that - we've had some great times over the past two weeks. And now I'm gearing up for Holy Week - so excited!

Other big deal in my life...I gave up meat! No chicken, pork, or beef! I'm still eating fish (I just love it) but am trying to focus on healthy, whole proteins. Thankfully, my mom gave me a copy of the book Diet for a Small Planet, which includes recipes on how to be a healthy vegetarian - she shows you in every recipe how she is making it a whole protein (i.e. what's replacing the protein the meat provided). It's a great read and I am so excited. I've been doing this for almost a month and I am loving it! The only thing I craved at the beginning were Chik-Fil-A chicken nuggets. Other than that, I'm enjoying finding new recipes and trying out new things. It's an adventure! The other night I made some delicious pan-fried flounder with spicy Swiss chard. I wish I had taken a picture - my plate looked beautiful, if I do say so myself. Oh well, you can all just picture the deliciousness in your minds. Never fear, I have pictures of other happenings in my life. Enjoy!

Friends and coworkers. Lauren, I love our matching dresses. Cordy, we didn't get a picture together. Closest I got was you in the background of one. So blessed by these people. Love y'all!

MTKO! You may have heard their song "Classic." I'm obsessed.

Close-up of Tony singing his heart out. Small show, good times.

Malcolm dancing around. Please excuse the blurry quality. I was also dancing.

I got to meet the band! Best. Night. (Thanks, Cordyyyyy)